Fittings What are the key points of production?

Time:9/11/2020 1:43:15 PM

Fittings What are the key points of production The shadow of. And its own quality problems and reasonable use for pipeline engineering has a very important role.

Fittings In particular, the elbow and tee are used more and more widely in the pipeline construction process. The main reason is that they have many advantages, such as good forming, strong pressure resistance, simple welding, corrosion resistance, etc., which can ensure that the pressure that the pipeline can bear is large enough.

because of this, in the process of pipeline design and construction, especially in the Production of inflammable, explosive, high temperature and high pressure, whether in the design and material selection or in the processing and manufacturing, until the completion of construction and installation, each step will be strictly checked by professional technical personnel to ensure that the steel pipe fittings are stable In terms of material selection, production, installation and other aspects of the quality can meet the standard use conditions, otherwise in the future construction and use process will appear incalculable damage.


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