What is the wax film process of precision casting Fittings?

Time:9/11/2020 1:47:42 PM

What is the wax film process of precision casting Fittings?Fittings Precision casting technology is an excellent technology in foundry industry. Because the silica sol is used in investment casting as a high-quality binder, it is a kind of light blue or milky white colloidal solution; the performance of silica sol is stable and the storage period is long; the surface quality of silica sol mold shell is good, high-temperature strength, thermal shock stability (resistance to rapid cooling and heat) and high-temperature deformation resistance. The wax film operation is also required in the casting process.

1. When pressing wax pattern, the first part inspection must be carried out first, and the operation can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be qualified. It is not easy to change the pressing parameters during the pressing process.

2. When using a new mold, it is necessary to make clear the assembly and disassembly sequence of the mold and the removal method of the wax pattern. During storage, pay attention to the laying direction to prevent deformation. If necessary, fixture and other measures can be taken to avoid wax mold deformation.

4. Take 2-3 shrinkage rate samples (such as? 100x6mm round cake sample) for each shift, measure the shrinkage rate after cooling, and make records. The residual wax in the wax tank should be discharged before work. The waste wax molds and wax should be kept clean and put into the waste wax box and sent to the wax treatment department in time.

6. When the wax press is working, it is not allowed to hold the mold or stretch the hand under the table, and it is not allowed to operate the button with one hand, so as to prevent personal safety accidents.

7. Do a good job of fire prevention in wax mould room.

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