Quality assurance of 904L steel pipe

Time:9/11/2020 1:06:01 PM

The establishment of quality assurance of 904L steel pipe stainless steel bar manufacturing intelligent production line improves the production process of stainless steel rod and ensures the quality more accurately. Shandong Jianxing summary of stainless steel welding process 4 / I told you the first three, the fourth will certainly not leak, you can rest assured to accept it! 4 / 4 ~ the back side is not protected by argon, and the process of flux coated wire (self shielded flux cored wire) + TIG is adopted.

And the circuit and drainage system also need more attention. Generally, when we see the laying of water pipes, some families will choose stainless steel pipes, some will use PVC pipes. When decorating the pipes, we choose stainless steel pipes or PVC pipes. Decoration is a very important thing decoration master says difference. Directly to the construction team decoration rarely people so assured that most people will be personally staring at the house decoration. Then I still work as usual. Decoration team will use more because in many people's view if they are staring at the decoration site. There will be no work failure. And in the decoration. Except for the wall that we need to pay attention to.

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