The price of 347h stainless steel pipe remained stable

Time:9/11/2020 1:25:17 PM

The price of 347h stainless steel pipe remained stable

347h stainless steel pipe: the domestic 347h stainless steel pipe market continues to decline. From the cost point of view, this week's Proctor index is still mainly downward trend, the market atmosphere is more pessimistic, steel enterprises purchase less, mainly to replenish the warehouse, and cautious attitude. This week, the coke market was stable after rising, and the market transaction was good. At present, the profit situation of the steel market was poor. Some steel mills reduced their production and guaranteed the steel price. The resistance to the continuous rise of coke price was strong. The overall inventory of coking enterprises remained low and the shipment situation was good. From the perspective of supply and demand of 347h stainless steel pipe, the demand for finished products is relatively low, and the speed of steel delivery is not fast. In many regions, steel mills have jointly reduced production to ensure steel prices. The enthusiasm of steel mills in purchasing steel pig iron is still low. The 347h stainless steel pipe delivery situation is not good, and the quotation continues to go down. The price rise power of stainless steel pipe is still insufficient

347h stainless steel pipe

347h stainless steel pipe is not rust free Steel tube bright heat treatment furnace: the special-shaped stainless steel tube is installed on the continuous bracket and heated in the muffle tube. It can process high-quality small diameter thin-walled steel pipe at a lower cost, with an hourly output of more than 0.3T. The protective gas can be used economically, and the heating source can be gas, oil or electricity. The three kinds of heat treatment furnaces for 347h stainless steel pipe correspond to the specifications of small, medium and large quantities of special-shaped stainless steel pipe surface heat treatment processing, and the traditional pickling process is avoided, which also makes great progress in Productional pollution.


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